Fiber Goods

Our hand spun fiber products are special because we are a part of the process from feeding the sheep to shipping the goods.  We spend time with our animals every day and know that they are well cared for.  We use heritage (traditional) processes to prepare and craft our goods.

We do everything except the shearing of the sheep:  

  • Skirting - removing the soiled fiber and obvious dirt and vegetable matter from the fleece

  • Scouring - the fleece is soaked in small batches to remove dirt and lanolin

  • Drying - the fleece is dried on slotted trays in our Colorado sunshine

  • Dye - the fleece is dyed with a variety of methods. We also take advantage of the natural colors of our fiber

  • Fluffing/carding/combing - depending on the final project each batch of fiber is prepared in the best way for its intended use

  • Spinning - after being prepared the fiber is spun into yarn.

  • Weaving, knitting or felting - some of our yarn is sold directly to knitters, crocheters and weavers. Other skeins are woven or knitted into goods that we offer for sale. Some fiber is processed into felted sheets, resembling fabric, and then sewn into bags and other projects.

  • Sustainability is very important to us here on the farm and we try to limit our waste. Fiber that is not project quality is used to mulch our garden and stuff our outside dog beds.

Our hand spun fiber items are made with the wool from our sheep, alpacas and llamas.  Occasionally we'll source fiber from local farmers and botanically dyed fair trade yarn from small businesses like ours.

If you are interested in learning about fiber processing and art or purchasing fiber, contact us here.