English Shepherds

English Shepherds have been bred for generations as all-purpose farm dogs.    They are a bright, versatile breed, excelling at general farm work; hunting vermin, guarding the home and children, herding stock,  in the agility ring and as confident and loyal companions.  


Tuck and Tilly

With an eye toward preserving this heritage breed, we approach our breeding program with intention and thoughtfulness.  Our canine posse includes Tilly, recently retired from our breeding program, Tuck our boy, father to our last three litters and Lou, soon to be the next puppy mom.

We raise our pups on the farm, exposing them to goats, chickens, sheep, llamas and cats.  Raised initially in a stall in our barn (located directly below our house), the puppies gradually learn by adventure and discovery about the farm world.  The puppies come up into the house a few at a time as they mature, to learn about the bustle of human life, hear a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, disposal...When time permits we take small groups in to town to expose them to the sights and sounds not found on the farm.

We work in tandem with prospective puppy owners to help choose the best pup for their intended use.  Often puppy placements happen between week six and eight when their personalities and tendencies have had a chance to emerge.  We encourage prospective owners to visit the puppies on the farm several times between weeks four and eight to  meet the parents and get to know the litter.  Although we take color requests into consideration our first priority is personality fit.  As a breeder it is my responsibility to evaluate potential placements and strive to place our dogs where they will be the happiest and most appreciated.



Lou is our new dog.  She will be taking Tilly's place in our breeding program.  Lou was a year this June and is still working through her adolescent puppy stage.  She is bright, loving and FAST!

Tilly and Barley

Tilly and Barley

After four litters and 47 puppies, Tilly has earned her retirement here on the farm.  She seems very content to spend the rest of her days bossing everyone around and gathering  the chickens up at night.


Please contact us if you are interested in more information about our dogs or how to get on the list for an upcoming litter.