Small Acre Farm

Welcome to our farm where we make our goods the traditional way, simply, with care, for you and our planet.


Our guiding principals

We believe in the beauty and sustainability of natural fibers.  We believe that small farms are the backbone of our country.  We believe in fair prices and worthy wages. We believe in the power of community.

We want to live in a world where safe, sustainable products are mainstream, a world where peace is the highest priority, where women and minorities are treated with dignity and  unquestionable equality.

We choose to use, preserve, and pass on heritage craft skills and will never use mass production for our goods.  We intentionally show the faces of the animals and producers and tell their stories.

Join us in celebrating the simple elegance and value of goods created in traditional ways, the animals that provide our foundational materials and a return to a simpler, honest time.  

Our Partners

 Dandy, Nola and Prim

Dandy, Nola and Prim

The Goats

Our small herd of dairy goats provides us with the sweet milk for our soap and lotion.  Nola is in charge of the herd and also insists on being hugged after milking, before going back to the pen.  Find out more about Nola (center) and her gaggle of gals here.



The Sheep

Our herd is truly a spinners herd.  That means that we have a little bit of everything, breed-wise.  We do everything in the processing of our fiber except shear the sheep.  Ferdinand and the rest are happy that I leave that to a professional.  Learn more about Ferd and his herd here.