Mobile Hen - Farm Fresh Eggs in Fort Collins, CO

Get your farm fresh eggs delivered to your business in Fort Collins, Colorado by Small Acre Farm

Nothing says farm fresh like fresh eggs!  Did you know that Small Acre Farm offers weekly egg delivery to your business from spring through fall in the Fort Collins Area?  Our delivery area is the square between Harmony Road, Taft Hill, Vine Drive and Lemay Avenue.  If you are outside our delivery area we can bring your eggs to the Fort Collins farmer’s market on Harmony in the Ace Hardware parking lot on Sundays.  

Bars of our goat milk soap can be added to any delivery.  Requests for soap can be placed by text or email by noon the Sunday before egg delivery.  

There are still several egg memberships available.  Contact us to sign up

Delivery day
Tuesdays to your business
Sundays to the Fort Collins Farmers Market

Egg prices (delivered) 
$6.00 per dozen
$3.00 per half dozen

We love it when you recycle your reusable egg cartons with us. Please check our soap store for available soap and prices.


Most chickens are seasonal layers.  Once the days start getting longer they swing into action! Commercial egg operations and some chicken owners put lights on in their chicken coops to make the hens lay year around.  We let our chickens cycle naturally so that they get a break. Needless to say the first fresh egg of the season is much anticipated.

This year our lovely ladies started laying intermittently in February.  Even in the winter they like to get out around the farm during the day and we were finding eggs in the snow.  That’s the kind of Easter egg hunt I like!  Now they are laying in their boxes and gathering isn’t as much of an adventure (except for the one hen who found a great hiding spot under an overturned wheelbarrow).  


We love our chickens and we love their farm fresh eggs. Sign up for a "Mobile Hen" subscription today!