Spinning with the lambs

Our Story

Welcome to Small Acre Farm! Ours is a small working farm at the foot of the front range in Northern Colorado. I’m TeDi, the Chief Shepherdess. Five years ago I lost my job and I have been full time on the farm ever since. We’ve lived on this farm for a decade now and, although we lived on two other farms before this, our sheep and goat stories began here. The goat milk soap came first as a way to manage 5 gallons of milk a day in our second year of the goat adventure. The sheep came next, a hobby initially, but as their fleece piled up I became interested in spinning, weaving, knitting and dyeing. The fiber has take over the house, my life and now a good part of the business.

Recently, I realized that it wasn’t feasible for me to spin enough yarn to both sell and create with, and went looking for yarn that would meet our sustainable philosophy and land stewardship expectations. I had been a fan of Timber and Twine for many years when Annah posted that she was looking for someone to take it on so that she could focus on her own sustainability efforts. Timber and Twine’s philosophy was so similar to ours and the gorgeous botanically dyed yarn from India was breathtaking. Timber and Twine Harvest Wool Yarn became a part of Small Acre Farm in the summer of 2019.

Not long after Timber and Twine found a home on our farm, I knew I wanted to add a botanically dyed cotton yarn to the family. I did lots of research and settled on Pichinku, anther gorgeous small batch, botanically dyed yarn, sourced from a small group of women artisans in Cusco, Peru. I am anticipating the arrival of our first batch, fall 2019.

We will continue the tradition of creating things inspired by the resources of our farm, focusing on sustainability, natural materials and traditional crafts. Preserving and passing on heritage craft skills is so important and bringing these fair trade yarns into our shop, as a compliment to our farm grown fiber, allows us to support ancient crafts and communities both near and far.

Our Farm

Our farm is located on ten acres just a few miles north of Fort Collins, CO. We live in a big barn with the house on top and the stalls below.  We love being close to our animals and our house/barn allows us to be near them if they’re sick, hurt, or giving birth.

Sustainability is key for us here on our little farm.  In order to use our resources wisely, both our goat and sheep herds are small.  This allows us to give each animal regular and individual attention.  Every animal has a purpose and is treated with respect for the contribution they make to our farm.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the beauty and sustainability of natural materials.  We believe in the unsung value of small farms.  We believe in fair prices and worthy wages. We believe in the power of community.

We want to live in a world where safe, sustainable products are mainstream, a world where peace is the highest priority, where women and minorities are treated with dignity and equality.

We choose to use, preserve, and pass on heritage craft skills and will never use mass production for our goods.  We intentionally show the faces of our animal partners and tell their stories.

Join us in celebrating the simple elegance and value of goods created in traditional ways, the animals and plants that provide our foundational materials and a return to a simpler, honest time.