It all started with the goats



When moved to our current farm and became goat farmers we had no idea what we were getting into!  By the time the second year of kidding rolled around we were milking five plus gallons a day, a lot of milk for a family of five.  Short on ideas about what to do with all that milk, we latched onto a suggestion from our goat mentor about making soap.  With time (and a lot of milk to practice with) we figured out some great recipes and signature scents. 

Along the way our focus has always been on good products that worked well for our farm family.  New products more often than not come about to fill a need we have.  In the spring the wind is relentless here.  I needed a soap that would take care of my mature, wind-dry skin and so our Activated Charcoal bar was born.  As I began to spend more time on fiber art, specifically spinning, I needed a lotion that absorbed quickly and didn't leave my hands greasy (ok, tons of folks at the farmers market where we were selling soap were also begging us for a good goat milk lotion).  My partner did some research, and came up with the lotion recipe that is so popular today.  

Our bath and body goods aren't fancy, they're functional.  We're probably not the line for someone who is looking for a 10 step beauty regime that involves tonics and serums (what is a serum anyway?).  Our products support true, natural beauty in every shape and form.