About Me

I love this photo of me. Our friend and photographer extraordinaire Maddie caught me in the best belly laugh.  My family loves it when I laugh until I cry. I get bonus points if snorting is involved.

In 2014 I lost my job of 23 years as an HR Director.  As devastating as it was, through that experience (or perhaps as a direct result of it), I rediscovered joy and laughter in my life.  Spending my days with the sheep, goats and dogs on the farm helped me evaluate my life, my next steps and reconnect with the slow, simple life I'd become so disconnected from. While makings a batch of soap one day it occurred to me that I could share these simple pleasures with others and carve out a life I loved in the process.

I hope our farm goods bring the joy and peace of simple living to you.


Chief Shepherdess

About Our Farm

Our farm is located on ten acres just a few miles north of Fort Collins, CO. We live in a big barn with the house on top and the stalls below.  We love being close to our animals and our house/barn allows us to be near them if they’re sick, hurt, or giving birth.


Sustainability is key for us here on our little farm.  In order to use our resources wisely, both our goat and sheep herds are small.  This allows us to give each animal regular and individual attention.  Every animal has a purpose and is treated with respect for the contribution they make to our farm.